What the Atlas Polar Mixveyor Concrete Conveyor Training Has to Offer

These cement truck mounted conveyer systems are capable of discharging between 38 to 51 feet depending on the model. For over 30 years, we have been manufacturing and distributing this concrete conveyor and we are pleased with its continuous growth in popularity and success. We feel that there are five important areas that your operators must be well versed in.

Confidence in the equipment they are using
You can count on the performance and durability of this equipment just as you can with the Moffett forklift equipment, as they were both originally designed by the same inventor, Robert Moffett.

Knowing what makes the Mixveyor concrete conveyer perform at its best
Operators who are really tuned in to what all the components are on the conveyor will easily be able to identify when something is needs repair or maintenance. They can then pass specific information along to the repair department by identifying where the problem is and what part is being affected. This allows for more efficient repairs and expedites ordering of parts needed. Potential problems are identified early which could prevent more serious problems and job time delays.

Every operator of this type of equipment feels much more secure when they know what they are working with. Out of the three models of the Atlas Polar Mixveyors, the 51ft. is the most popular. Operators being trained by us will become totally familiar with the boom systems that are on the trucks. The conveyors are mounted onto the swing arm that is attached to the rear section of the truck. The various components that will be discussed during the training will include the cylinders, safety valves, bearing connection points, rollers, grease bearing pivot points, pins and the drive head pulley.

Operators pre inspection routine
We feel that your operators should be able to follow a consistent routine when it comes to pre-operation inspection. This should take place before they leave the yard. When your operators have completed their training with us they are going to know how to do a proper walk around inspection, checking for hydraulic leaks and confirming that pins and keepers are in place. They will also be able to do a full visual check on the underside of the boom which can’t be done when the booms are extended. Once staff are working at the site they will also be comfortable with doing their inspections while the equipment is operating.

Another great asset to this equipment is the Atlas Polar Radio control system. This is a system that is supplied on all of our Mixveyor equipment here at Atlas Polar. Your operators will be fully trained in the use and inspection of the system. This radio controlled system is a resource that eliminates the old method of manual control. Operators who make the best use of this system find it lets them have a full view while the equipment is operating, and it works great in any type of work environment.

Safety is a priority
Our emphasis here is to make sure the operators remain alert and aware of their surroundings. Important factors such as overhead wires, solid ground for setup, and having control of the people in the area is fully reviewed. We want to know our training instills the importance of avoiding any incident which includes injuries and damage to the equipment.

We feel it’s important for the operators to know that in order to do a proper inspection, their equipment has to be clean. Also, daily greasing of the equipment either before or after use will help to prevent wear and tear.

We feel that all of these main points that are covered in our one day concrete conveyer training course make for a great foundation for your operators to build their skills and increase their performance levels. Add to this your responsibilities as the owner, to make sure that regular maintenance is performed and the repairs are kept on top of, you should find that you are getting the best that this equipment has to offer.

We would be happy to hear any comments that you may have or answer any questions you need answers to.