Variable Stability Limit: An Intelligent Way to Optimize HIAB Crane Capacity

We’ve talked a lot in this blog about the emphasis on safety in HIAB products. Here is a new feature that enhances safety and, in true HIAB fashion, responds directly to the needs of the company’s customers.

Variable Stability Limit (VSL) is an electronic system that automatically senses how far a crane’s stabilizers are extended and whether they are secured on the ground. With the optimal balance between capacity and stability that VSL creates, the operator can feel secure in putting the crane through its paces without compromising safety. Even if there is not enough space to extend the stabilizers fully, the crane will take care of stability on its own.

The VSL features are in compliance with the new, stricter Machinery Directive (2006/42EC) and harmonized loader crane standard (EN 12999:2009) now in effect in Europe. VSL is an available option on factory ordered HIAB cranes for Canada.

According to the company’s press release, VSL “protects not just the crane but also people in the vicinity – and the vehicle itself. In some cases, VSL can push the stability limit further and extend the work area. Thanks to VSL, a crane can use higher capacities in previously restricted sectors.”

HIAB has introduced additional safety features as well: stabilizer warning lights are fitted on top of each stabilizer leg and can be seen in a 270º field from virtually any position around the crane to alert anyone nearby that the crane is working; a view confirmation button is available as an option—it allows operators to press a button to confirm that they have a full view of the stabilizers before they begin working with the crane; stabilizer indicators display information about the status of the stabilizers on the crane’s user interface and on the remote control; swivelling footplates adjust to any inclines on the ground; and an upgraded Operator Protection System defines a customizable “virtual protection cage” that electronically prevents the boom from entering a restricted space.

As always, Atlas Polar is proud to be associated with a company that makes operator safety paramount in its designs and engineering.

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