Van Beek’s and HIAB XS 099 Delivery

Van Beek’s Garden Supplies is a fixture in the Greater Toronto Area. Established in 1962, the company began by supplying founder George Van Beek’s own “triple mix” of topsoil, fibre, and compost to gardeners and landscapers around Oakville.

Since then, Van Beek’s has expanded to supply a wide selection of topsoil and mulches to homeowners and businesses. It has also branched into other areas, providing aggregates and stones, interlocking pavers and wall systems, rock and flagstone, cedar rails and railway ties, sod, firewood, and statuary and other garden accents.

As you can imagine, delivery of such a diverse range of products requires versatile materials handling equipment. For its deliveries, Van Beek’s relies on the HIAB XS 099 truck mounted crane.

The XS 099 includes HIAB’s precision CLX controls and offers a lifting capacity of 3,650 kg at 2.5 m and 640kg at 12 m. The crane is designed to have the centre of gravity as close as possible to the centreline so the outreach is the same on both sides. Optional attachments add to the versatility of the crane. For full technical specs on the XS 099, visit our HIAB XS 099 Truck Mounted Crane page.