UK Firefighters Use HIAB Cranes for Animal Rescue

It seems that use of HIAB truck cranes in animal rescue is becoming more common. In a blog post in April we talked about the rescue of Heidi the donkey in Corringham, England. Now we have news that Avon Fire and Rescue also employs HIAB cranes in its animal rescue unit.

A recent article in the Weston, Worle & Somerset Mercury noted that Avon Fire and Rescue responded to 132 animal-related incidents in 2009/2010. Incidents ranged from rescuing cats in trees to saving the life of Whisper, a horse who became trapped in a ditch near its stables, and had to be extricated with a HIAB truck crane.

Animals under stress can be dangerous. Due to the potentially volatile situations they face in rescuing stressed animals, Avon Fire and Rescue has a team of 100 firefighters who are specially trained in animal rescue techniques. They also work closely with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to ensure they are handling the rescue in the best possible way.

To read more and see a photo of Whisper being rescued, click the image to the right.