The Next Generation of Crane Control Systems

Crane Remote Control System

I’ve already talked a fair bit about equipment videos, so now I want to shift my focus and tell you about the HIAB Method Magazine. It’s a customer magazine showcasing the hard work of HIAB customers all over the world, and the ways the company develops new products to solve load-handling issues.

The theme of the HIAB Method Magazine 1 2008 is close customer relationships. It includes a great story about a Swedish emergency services team that collaborated with HIAB to design a special crane to make the job of firefighters safer when cutting holes in roofs.

There’s also a story about a popular vacation region in France, and how a disposal vehicle equipped with a Jonsered crane was created to help efficiently provide public utilities and waste management to accommodate 10 times more residents during the summer months. There are more industry stories as well, but I’ll let you check them out for yourselves.

And don’t forget to look at all the cool stuff that’s going on with HIAB, like the latest additions to their equipment family, how their next generation crane remote control system is setting the bar for fuel efficiency, the merging of their loader and forestry crane production lines, and much more.