Siemens Wind Power Orders over 100 HIAB Cranes

Needing a solution for service and maintenance of its wind turbines, Siemens Wind Power A/S turned to HIAB cranes.

Siemens needed a crane that could be operated effectively and dependably in the very tight space of a wind turbine nacelle. The nacelle sits on top of the tower and houses the gear box, main and small shafts, generator, controller, and brake. (The definition came from this fun diagram of a nacelle.)

HIAB truck cranes are known for fitting into confined spaces. They take up little room on a truck, yet offer tremendous reach and high lifting capacities relative to their size. The articulation in the cranes gives them excellent manoeuvrability. Precision controls also set HIAB cranes apart. Whether operated with manual or remote control options, HIAB cranes allow for the highest degree of accuracy when placing a load.

HIAB offers a wide selection of cranes in the light, medium, and heavy ranges. To learn more, visit our HIAB Truck Mounted Cranes page.