Only a Moffett can “Topp” that

I thought I’d share this great picture of a Moffett forklift in action across the pond.

Topps Tiles is Britain’s biggest tile and wood flooring specialist. They have 250 stores throughout the UK, and open about 20 new stores each year.

Moffett demountable forklifts are ideal for the flooring industry. They demount from the truck in under 60 seconds, allowing delivery personnel to get to work immediately upon arrival at the delivery site. With their manoeuvrability, Moffett forklifts work everywhere, from large warehouses to small homes with limited delivery space.

With a range of lifting capacities—from 1,500 to 8,000 lbs—Moffett forklifts can handle big loads, like pallets of heavy ceramic tile. Specialty models also include multi-directional units for long loads in small spaces, low profile units, wide frame models, and Pantograph and LiftAssist® models for same-side unloading of trucks.

For materials handling, Moffett really is “Topps”.

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