Multilift Introduces a Mini-Radio Control System for Hooklifts

Always an innovator, Multilift recently introduced a new Mini-Radio controller for its hooklift demountable systems.

The XR Power Range of Multilift hooklifts has an optional radio control system based on the standard programmable logic controller (PLC) cabin controller. The radio controller allows operators to work the hooklift from outside the cabin, where they can monitor the load from a safe distance.

Being attentive to customer needs, the team at Multilift answered requests for a compact, simple radio controller. “The Mini-Radio controller has eight function buttons that can be freely programmed to operate hooklift movements or to functions meeting the customer’s specific needs. The Mini-Radio controller is aimed at applications where limited or very specific movements or functions are needed,” said Mark Davies, Product Manager for Hiab Multilift solutions.

The Multilift hooklift demountable body system enables businesses in the materials handling industry to handle multiple types of loads. Advanced Multilift hydraulic systems ease the load on and off the truck. Operators simply switch the body type to change the type of load. The truck body mounts and demounts in less than a minute, making for greater efficiencies in load handling.

Multilift hooklifts are market leaders and renowned for their reliability, productivity, and safety of operation. To learn more about these versatile performers, contact Atlas Polar.