Multilift and Hiab Cranes – Versatile Load Handling Solutions with International Appeal

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Long popular in Canada, the Multilift hooklift also has appeal in other parts of the world.

Here’s a case in point. Recently the Finnish Defence Forces placed orders for 78 Multilift hooklifts for on–road trucks. An additional order was placed for 21 hooklifts and 9 HIAB boom cranes for off-road vehicles.

The XR range of hooklifts chosen by the Finnish Defence Forces represents Multilift’s most advanced technology. These hooklifts include automatic sequence control to make loading and unloading easier. With a single control motion the operator can easily load or pick up the demountable body. Driver comfort, smooth and precise controls, and state–of–the–art safety systems are among the other exceptional features in this product line.

For their off-road vehicles, the Finnish Defence Forces selected the Multilift and the HIAB XS211 knuckleboom crane. This mid-capacity crane combines a light boom with high lifting capacity and a compact footprint, making it ideal for moving heavy loads in tight spaces.

Atlas Polar is proud to sell both of these innovative load handling solutions. To learn more, visit our HIAB Truck Crane page or Multilift Hooklift page.