Moffett Demo Driver at Irish National Ploughing Championship

If you’ve ever needed proof of how rough terrain capable a Moffett forklift is, check out this video. It is a few years old now, but this clip from the National Ploughing Championship in Grangeford, Tulow County, Ireland showcases the rough terrain capabilities of the Moffett M8 truck mounted forklift.

Clearly, this is a very experienced operator, but he shows the strength, stability, and manoeuvrability of the Moffett forklift as he successfully pulls the machine out of the muck. He begins with an empty forklift, but by about the halfway point of the video, he has added cargo to the forks. Even with the added weight, the forklift still does not falter in the very demanding conditions it is working in. It is amazing to watch.

Atlas Polar carries many models in the Moffett M8 line of truck mounted forklifts, including the M8 50.3, which is the most popular truck mounted forklift in Canada.

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