Improve and Maintain Your Hydrorake Trashraking System

Not long ago, we sent out a notice to Atlas Polar’s customers announcing that there is now a new style of rake teeth for the ST800 Hydrorake Trashraking System.

These new rake teeth are pretty cool because they feature an improved coil design that are both more flexible and stronger than the original design. The added strength and flexibility help to minimize stress and hold up better to everyday wear and tear. All of the improvements to this new style teeth boils down to two huge benefits for you. 1) The teeth will last a lot longer (which will save you money) and 2) will likely mean less downtime (which, again, saves you money).

I also want to mention that there is a quick and easy conversion kit for these teeth so you do not have to worry about them not being compatible with your system. So, if the existing teeth are old, worn out, and badly in need of replacing, make sure to go ahead and order the Rake Teeth Conversion Kit, part number 7200-022.