HIAB Speedloader 174 a Success back in 1966

Looking back with HIAB Method magazine, we turn our attention to the year 1966. An article entitled “HIAB 174 a Success Right From the Start,” outlines how quickly the HIAB 174 Speedloader gained a foothold in the marketplace.

A mere six months after introducing the 174, HIAB had sold nearly 2,000 of the cranes to companies spanning the globe.

Along with many Swedish clients, HIAB had sales in: England, where the Speedloader was used for a power-transmission building job; in Chile, where cranes and trucks were purchased from HIAB for use in the forestry industry; in Spain, where the cranes were again used in the forestry industry; and Australia, where they used by a power company. Two hundred of the cranes were sold in the United States, and 55 were purchased by the Canadian army. The Speedloader had also gotten attention in Paris, and was even used to film a running race.

Then, as now, HIAB products were known for their quality, durability, and versatility. To learn more about today’s HIAB offerings, visit our HIAB truck mounted cranes page.