HIAB Marine Cranes Available from Atlas Polar

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As you probably know, Atlas Polar has a long and successful history with HIAB. Since the 1950s we have been distributing HIAB truck cranes across Canada.

For much of that time we’ve also offered marine versions of the HIAB cranes. Rugged and designed to withstand the harshest ocean environments, HIAB marine cranes are used in all kinds of industries, including: coast guard and navy ships, research vessels, fishing boats, cruise ships, oil drilling platforms, ice breakers, dredgers and barges.

HIAB began developing specialized sea cranes after World War II. In fact, their cranes were used to retrieve recently returned space capsules from the ocean in the 1960s. With capacities between 8tm and 40tm, HIAB sea cranes are versatile and suited to just about any application.

Atlas Polar has adapted its XS line of truck cranes for marine use. Like the sea crane, the XS line is reliable and adaptable for many environments.

Both marine crane types offer exceptional value including option packages that include industry-leading Atlas Polar Polar marine remote control systems.

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