HIAB Delivers the Goods All the Way to Russia

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HIAB and Multilift was showcased at CTT Moscow, the leading construction equipment and technologies event in Russia, the CIS, and Eastern Europe. The exhibition ran from May 31 until June 3.

HIAB is the global market leading brand in on-road load handling solutions. At the CTT show, HIAB focused on solutions for the construction industry, including the HIAB XS 288 truck mounted crane and the Multilift XR 5S.

The XS 288 knuckleboom crane on display at CTT Moscow included the Duo control system, which gives an extra boost of capacity and improved productivity. That extra power comes from the Automatic Duty Control (ADC) function in the control system which senses the job being done. It was also selected for display because of its superior performance in terms of reach and lifting capacity.

The Multilift XR 5S has a unique, innovative design, incorporating a single-plate subframe, outstanding geometry, and simplified construction that creates a totally new concept for demountable users. It also boasts a low weight and easy installation.

Congratulations to HIAB for making its mark in a new region! For more information on the HIAB and Multilift products featured at CTT Moscow, click the links above, or contact Atlas Polar.