Faster, Safer Crane Deliveries with the Polar 9900R Remote Control System

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For over thirty-five years, crane operators across Canada have relied on Polar Remote systems to improve the efficiency and safety of their operations.

With true proportional technology, Polar Remotes give you greater control over your crane’s movement. More control means safer deliveries and shorter unloading times.

Not only are Polar Remotes safer, they are also easier to learn than manual controls, meaning that your operators can move from training to the job site faster. In fact, Polar radio remotes do not even require a special operator’s license.

Polar Remotes can integrate into a crane’s existing hydraulic system and can be easily installed on new or older truck cranes. The Polar Radio 9900R and the Polar 5200 cable models are our most popular systems. Both offer exceptional performance, but it is the 9900R that we are really excited about.

Since it is radio-controlled, the Polar Radio 9900R system gives you a range of up to 120m (400 ft) without a cable. Using the Spread Spectrum 900 MHz frequency and built-in microprocessor safeguards , the 9900R system is immune to noise and interference. These features allow for the operation of multiple cranes in the same vicinity without worry about interference.

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