Easy Financing Solutions for your Truck Mounted Equipment

At Atlas Polar, we take pride in being able to look after all of our customer’s needs when it comes to equipment . One of the areas that we really feel that we can be helpful is in the financing of the truck mounted equipment that makes your business more productive.

We realize that you may require different purchase options when it comes to what your business needs to operate successfully. This is what has enticed us to put together some great equipment packages based on our client’s individual needs. You may require HIAB crane for an existing truck, or you may need a complete truck crane package. Whatever your equipment package requirements, we’re sure that we can help you out with it.

Now that you know you can get the type of truck mounted package you require, we are also happy to help you with the financing of it. We figured that we could best serve you by putting together three easy financing options. You can choose from a direct purchase, a rent-to-own, or even a short-term rental if that works for you.

Something else you don’t have to worry about either is your location. We make our equipment and services available right across Canada. For example, if you are in Alberta, then our sister company, ARW Truck Equipment Ltd. will be happy to help you. And if Quebec is the place you do business then HIAB Quebec is waiting to take care of you.

If you are new to doing business with us, here at Atlas Polar, you may find it beneficial to know that we have several different divisions with our most well known being our truck mounted equipment division. Then we also have the Hydrorake division and a Polars Remote division. As you can see, we have all your equipment business needs covered. We like to consider ourselves as a one stop shop. The less running around you have to do, the better you can run your business.

We know the time it takes to arrange financing for this type of investment. If you have decided to go with the rent-to-own option then we can do all the financial arranging for this right here, in house at Atlas Polar. Just as our customers put their trust in us, we put our trust in them when it comes to financing. We don’t see the need to pry into your finances or place heavy demands on you by having to produce your financial statements. Not only is this type of financing quick and easy it doesn’t involve your line of credit.

In the line of business that you’re in, we understand that you don’t want to get bogged down with paperwork. That’s why we prefer spending time with our customers in helping them to be productive rather than filling out a bunch of credit papers and waiting days for approval. Even the payment methods we offer are super easy. You just need to give us approval for automatic monthly banking withdrawals and that’s it. Your line of credit isn’t touched and at the end of the rental term, the equipment is yours.

We believe our rent to own financing options for HIAB cranes, Moffett truck mounted forklifts and Multilift hooklifts, are a win-win opportunity for you as the customer, and for us here at Atlas Polar. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.