Customer Success with HIAB 1055 Boom Truck Package

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Alvesta, Sweden is the site of the Sälgfors AB terminal, which acts as the transportation hub for this large haulage company. The flagship of Sälgfors AB’s fleet includes a HIAB XS 1055 crane.

The versatile boom truck package the company selected includes eight hydraulic extensions and six more on a jib, along with a hoist. The HIAB knuckleboom crane is mounted on a 500–hp Scania R500 with four axles.

The company has used this HIAB crane in a wide range of applications, including the installation of elevator shafts inside buildings, and a unique request to winch up a sawdust auger from deep inside a sawmill. Sälgfors’ crane operators credit the crane’s long reach for the success of the sawmill job, noting that the crane is great for jobs that other machines can’t handle. The company also has other big plans for the crane:

“Installing structural elements and building modules made of concrete are other tasks that we will be able to perform. The crane can easily reach up to a height of eight storeys without difficulty. Moving heavy machines and long indivisible objects are other areas that we will target,” said company owner Anders Sälgfors.

Crane operator Robert Andersson has nothing but good things to say about the HIAB crane: “It is big, but easy to operate. It extends to over 30 metres at full reach, where it can lift more than a ton. It can lift 18 tons close in to the truck, and the hoist makes it truly versatile. It does the same job as a mobile crane.”

Atlas Polar is the Canadian distributor for the HIAB XS 1055 and other HIAB cranes. To learn more about our complete range of truck–mounted cranes, visit our HIAB crane page.