Cargotec’s Innovative ‘Test Article Vehicle Transfer System’ Completed US Navy Sea Trials

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I have yet another example of the diverse capabilities of Cargotec to share with you.

In February of this year, Cargotec successfully completed sea trials with the US Navy on their ‘Test Article Vehicle Transfer System’ (TAVTS). The TAVTS aims to reduce the risks of transferring military vehicles between ships at sea. The goal of the US military is to carry out large-scale logistics movements without having to rely on foreign ports.

According to Cargotec regional sales manager Jeffrey Siegel, the development of the TAVTS incorporated the expertise of the company’s ramp technology experts and offshore specialists. The TAVTS consists of a self-deploying ramp system and a new self-deploying sideport platform.

During testing, vehicles were transferred between a surrogate mobile landing platform (MLP) and a “large/medium-speed roll-on/roll-off” (LMSR) ship. The tests began with demonstrations at anchor and then progressed to low sea state conditions in open water and eventually to increasing sea states. Successful transfers of personnel and vehicles were made during high Sea State 3 and low Sea State 4.

What is really impressive is the types of vehicles that were moved—high-mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWVs), logistics vehicle system wreckers, amphibious assault vehicles, and M1A1 main battle tanks are just a few examples.

To read more about the TVATS testing, we invite you to read the full press release.

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