Mixveyor 52' Concrete Conveyor

  • Reach walls and footings up to 52 feet away from your truck, with our 13 feet of telescopic reach.
  • Easy Cleaning with specialized single beam design.
  • Minimize Wear And Tear On Belt System with 9.5 inch longevity rollers and brush guards.
  • Ensure Secure Storage of overhead mounted Mixveyor in transit with P.T.O. activated locking mechanism.

The 52' Mixveyor Concrete Conveyor system provides the ultimate in conveying convenience giving operators the extra length for difficult and hard to reach pours. Hydraulically extendable for 13', this Mixveyor is a more flexible system that allows an operator to simply extend the conveyor for pouring instead of always trying to move the truck location on site. Telescopic outriggers that extend out and down are a standard feature on this new Mixveyor model. These outriggers are a lighter design and offer more flexible control. From one truck position operators can more easily choose a better footing for the outriggers and, as a result, save time pouring and improve truck stability. For added flexibility and convenience, the Mixveyor is controlled with the Polar 100 Radio Remote Control system.

Technical Specifications

Total Length: 51.4 ft
Conveying Height: 26 ft (with 30° incline)
Mixveyor Weight: 4,520 lbs

Download 52' Mixveyor Concrete Conveyor Brochures