HIAB Z-HiPro 191 Truck Crane

  • Crane quickly folds behind the cabin with bucket attached
  • No time wasted on detaching, reattaching or stowing of the tool
  • Allows you to move from job to job in less time
  • Durability and repetition is not a problem for the HIAB Z Series

The HIAB Z-HiPro 191 is a mid size crane that is part of the Z series. It is the perfect solution for those that need a crane that can be quickly moved from one job to another.

Operators no longer have to worry about removing the tool from the crane when using the HIAB Z-HiPro 191. This is because the “Z” folding design allows the crane to be folded with the tool attached, so it fits behind the truck cab and remains within the dimensions of the truck.

The crane gives you all that you expect from HIAB, from strength and precision to remote operation from right where the load is. What the crane leaves out is the extra time required to detach, stow and reattach the tool between jobs, which means you can do more jobs in total.

Perhaps the best thing about the Z-HiPro 191 is not what it can do, but the fact that it can do it again and again. Like other HIAB products, the crane has a durable construction and a fatigue life that is simply unmatched.

The best crane is only complete with the best control technology. The HIAB Z-HiPro 191 crane can be steered with two types of control systems, both based on the high-precision, industry-leading HIAB V200 valve.

The HIAB Pro system is the perfect choice for manual stand-up control, while the HIAB HiPro system gives you remote control and the possibility to operate your crane from the ground. Both have special features that can give you up to 10% more capacity when you need it.

Technical Specifications

Lifting capacity (kNm): 179
Hydraulic extension outreach (m): 8.4
Weight (kg): 2670
Operation: Remote
HPL link: Yes
ASC: Yes
PFD: Yes
Variable pump: Yes
Three-point bridge: Yes
Integrated slew sensor: Yes
Folding within truck dimensions: Yes