HIAB XS 335 K Truck Crane

  • A dedicated HIAB wall board crane with an optimized boom system, for greater lift capacity at higher levels
  • Be more productive with over 59' of reach with 4 hydraulic extensions
  • Fasterunloading of goods and higher lifting height close to the column with HIAB’s long inner boom
  • Ultra smooth and consistent control for precisely placing loads through windows and doorways, onto balconies and around obstacles with HIAB's V91 valve

A dedicated Wall Board Crane gives you an optimized boom system, giving greater lift capacity at higher levels and faster loading/unloading. The close-in reach of the crane and the flexibility of the hydraulic fork allows the crane to easily handle all bundles of drywall, that can be stacked up 4-high. HIAB's XS-technology - with the advanced fully proportional Valve 91 at its heart - combines fast load cycling speed with the highest precision. An optional variable displacement pump reduces heat generation, saves fuel and further enhances operational performance.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 3,402 kg @ 7.7 m / 1,243 kg @ 17.3 m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 18.1 m