HIAB X-HiDuo 258 Truck Crane


  • More reach, more access, more capacity, less weight
  • Deliver in small, hard-to-reach places up to 21 metres – or power boost in-close
  • 10% added capacity – when you need it – with no additional time or effort
  • Increase productivity: Over 30 crane movements, less fuel, longer life + fewer emissions
  • Highest resale value in the market
  • Total coverage with Canada’s #1 coast-to-coast sales, service + support network

Form and function – lots of function

The new HIAB X-HiDuo 258 delivers top form and lots of function. Multiple boom systems and features make it easy to access hard-to-reach places and have the power to get your load to them – a full 21 metres. This model comes standard with an E-link boom system with X feature and a P-boom. The E-link inner boom lifts heavy loads close to the column. The X feature lets you access small spaces. The P-boom provides a controlled extension/retraction sequence to reduce total boom weight. A quick touch of the ergonomic XS Drive™ controller lets you steer over 30 different functions – many simultaneously – so you get your job done safer, faster and smarter.

The boom systems work perfectly with standard Automatic Duty Control (ADC) and Automatic Speed Control (ASC). Combined, they boost capacity up to 10% when you need it most – with no extra steps required by the operator. Standard Auto Damping of Oil (ADO) smoothly returns you to exactly where your lever stops – every time – and sends oil back to the tank in just three seconds, so you save oil, fuel and money. And easy-tilt stabilizer legs keep you safe and steady.

Plus a few more things  

You wouldn’t think there would be much to add to make the HIAB X-HiDuo 258 better, but there is. Protect your loads: add a vertical or horizontal Load Stability System (LSS) for faster, smoother operation and no sway. Or go for a Boom Deployment Assistant (BDA). It monitors angle and position during folding and unfolding to minimize operator error. Add accessories: a range of rotators, hydraulic hooks, pallet forks and brick grabs.

And a long, hard-working lifespan

Beyond being easy to operate, the HIAB X-HiDuo 258 is easy to mount, easy to maintain and easy to own. It’s designed to last –hoses are hidden away where they can’t be damaged. Couplings are made to prevent leaks. Parts are quicker to reach, install and service. High tensile steel construction is lighter, faster and delivers a bigger payload. And its patented nDurance™ finish is the best in surface protection. This high-tech anti-corrosion paint system is not only best-in-class, it’s environmentally friendly.

With Atlas Polar’s easy in-house financing and exceptional service, you can be sure that your crane will keep on looking good, and working well, for years to come. There’s nothing hard about that.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 8400 kg @ 2.4 m / 1200 kg @ 15 m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 15.1 m