HIAB X-HiDuo 228 Truck Crane


HIAB X-HiDuo 228
  • Up to 6 extra-long, far-reaching hydraulic extensions + in-close power
  • 10% added capacity – when you need it – with no additional time or effort
  • Optimized oil flow = less fuel, less waste, longer life + fewer emissions
  • Increase productivity: Control over 30 crane movements –many simultaneously
  • Highest resale value in the market
  • Total coverage with Canada’s #1 coast-to-coast sales, service + support network

You value your time, the quality of your job performance and getting the most from your investment. The HIAB X-HiDuo 228 is one of the most versatile cranes anywhere and delivers all of that – and more – in spades – with a long 17.3 metre reach. It’s one of HIAB’s new X-series cranes that is customizable to your needs with capacity choices, boom styles, Load Stability Systems (LSS), control type and a range of accessories like rotators, hydraulic hooks, pallet forks and brick grabs. Or add a Boom Deployment Assistant (BDA). This versatile piece of equipment monitors the angle and position of your boom as you fold and unfold your crane and prevents operator error that could damage your valuable equipment.

Versatile Operation

The new X-HiDuo 228 boasts many innovative smart control features that reduce stress, optimize fuel use, boost capacity, reduce downtime, ensure your load is always stable and keep you, and your equipment, safe from harm.

A quick touch of the X-HiDuo 228’s ergonomic XS Drive™ controller lets you manage over 30 different functions – many at the same time. It’s E-link boom system has up to six extra-long extensions making it perfect for those long-reach jobs with in-close power. Need more versatility? Opt for an E-link system with X feature. It angles the boom to make it easy to access hard to reach places like windows and doors. Or decide on an S-boom system if you need to increase lift height close to the column.

Need more power? Automatic Duty Control (ADC) and Automatic Speed Control (ASC) work with the HiDuo lever controls to boost capacity up to 10% when you need it most – no interruptions, nothing extra to do. Standard Auto Damping of Oil (ADO) smoothly returns you to exactly where your lever stops – every time. In just three seconds, oil returns back to the tank, putting savings right back in your pocket. And easy-tilt stabilizer legs ensure you’re always on safe footing.

Versatile Ownership

The HIAB X-HiDuo 228 is quick and easy to mount and designed to be easy to maintain. Hoses are hidden away where they can’t be damaged. Couplings are made to prevent leaks. The oil tank can be integrated in the crane base where it’s quicker to reach, install and service. And the high tensile steel construction is lighter, faster and delivers a bigger payload. And its patented nDurance™ finish forms a protective shield that prevents corrosion and keeps your crane looking good all the way to resale.  Versatility, value, and excellence – it’s all about you. And Atlas Polar is there all the way. We even offer easy in-house financing.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 5700 kg @ 3.5 m / 810 kg @ 17.2 m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 17.3 m