HIAB T-HiDuo 023


HIAB T-HiDuo 023 crane
  • Extra-long outreach – Up to 4.4m with 3 hydraulic extensions
  • Safely lifts 520 kg at full extension
  • Compact + lightweight– fits just about any flatbed truck
  • Fast installation time + fewer lifetime ownership costs
  • Save money: Environmentally friendly HybridDrive™ lets you lift with the engine off

The innovative new HIAB T-HiDuo 023 is compact, lightweight and extra long in both performance and productivity. It weighs only 429 kg (023-3) and delivers the goods from almost any sized flatbed truck. It has an extra long manual reach of 4.4 metres with up to three hydraulic extensions and can lift 520 kg full out. That makes it ideal for all kinds of challenging loads like barrels, curbstones, manhole covers, pumps, traffic barriers, portable toilets and gardening equipment.

The new T-CLX 023 is one of HIAB’s innovative new modular T-series lightweight modular cranes that let you adapt your crane to your way of working. And every feature of this model and the rest of the series makes it extra long on value. It’s safe, flexible and cost-effective. Standard XS Drive light™ lets you position your load with pinpoint accuracy from the safest vantage point. A moisture-repellent cast base and patented nDurance™ anti-corrosion finish make for long lasting, trouble-free ownership and ensure your crane will continue to look good for a lifetime. The optional HybridDrive™ feature is even longer on value. With it you can choose to lift with the engine off. Load and unload day or night with minimal noise and zero fuel use. No emissions mean you’re saving the environment too. That makes for tremendous value.

When you invest in a HIAB product you know its going to be long on safety and value, and the new
T-HiDuo 023 is no exception. It’s easy to configure. Easy to install. Easy to own (ask about our in-house financing). And easy to care for thanks to Atlas Polar’s unparalleled national service network.

The T-HiDuo 023 is just one of a full line of innovative, lightweight new HIAB T-series crane models. They’re modular so you can customize the model that’s right for you.

First, decide how much or how little you want to lift, and how. Next, choose your control model. If you have a smaller pickup with a smaller platform, the CLX is made for your everyday needs. Easy to use, its manual steering can convert to basic remote control with an easy added option. HiDuo is made for operators who demand total control and safety in demanding situations. Along with the SPACE system, the remote controlled HiDuo has Smart Control. With it you can perform several crane movements at the same time to load and position more quickly while its high boom alert warns you of obstacles. Finally, choose from options including the innovative and environmentally friendly HybridDrive™ that lets you perform several lifts with the engine off. XS Drive Lite™ – standard on the HiDuo model –lets you manoeuvre with pinpoint accuracy from the safest vantage point.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity:
1,620 kg @ 1.5 m / 3,572 lb @ 4 ft 11 in
(T-HiDuo 023-2)

520 kg @ 4.4 m / 1,146 lb @ 14 ft 5 in
(T-HiDuo 023-3)

Max Hydraulic Outreach:
4.4 m / 14 ft 5 in - horizontal (T-HiDuo 023-3)