Mixveyor Front Discharge Mixveyor Concrete Conveyor

The Front Discharge Mixveyor by Atlas Polar is the perfect example of innovation and ingenuity. It is currently the only front mounting concrete conveyor belt system available. With high quality, high-tensile steel and tubular construction, the Mixveyor has a lower overall conveyor weight while increasing strength and customer payload.

As a front loading, single beam system, the Mixveyor is carefully designed for quick and easy operation and a long lifespan. Even the transport position of the Mixveyor is designed to minimize wear and tear of the equipment.

The Front Discharge Mixveyor offers many benefits:

  • Extended Reach – Reach and pour footings and walls from over 36 feet away from the truck.
  • Precision Placement Flexibility - Ready-mix can be precisely and safely dropped anywhere in a 220° sweep from around the truck.
  • Remote Operation – Standard Polar Radio Remote Controls provides safe and unobstructed operation.
  • Central Control – Pour in different directions and fill extended lengths of formwork and footings without relocating the truck.
  • Excellent Stability – Access difficult areas and work around obstacles and difficult terrain.

Convenience and cost effectiveness are the two major areas of concentration for the Front Discharge Mixveyor. This flexible concrete conveyor will reach and pour walls and/or footings with a reach of over 36 feet from the truck, from different directions, without having to reposition the truck itself. Also a great feature is the precise and flexible placement of ready-mix, which can be safely dropped in a 220 degree sweep around the truck. Remote operation of the Mixveyor with standard polar radio controls allows for all of this to happen with safe and precise operation from outside of truck. This means that, not only can the Mixveyor belt be the perfect piece of equipment for working around obstructions, uneven ground, and existing manmade objects, it can also be operated remotely from a secure location with an unobstructed view.

Atlas Polar Mixveyors include a host of features

  • Front Discharge Conveyor model
  • Discharge Hopper that pivots up and down
  • A high efficiency, low wear Head Pulley Scraper
  • Easily Removable Hoppers for easy cleaning and storage
  • Hose Failure Valves on all cylinders
  • Slider design for quieter operation
  • Adjustable Slide Pads
  • All Hydraulic Driven – no chains used for Swing and Swivel operation
  • On/Off Hydraulic Remote Control System c/w 900 MHz spread spectrum technology radio system
  • In-cab rapid charge capability for transmitter (rechargeable batteries)
  • No external transmitter antenna
  • Excellent maneuverability for the best pour positions, as the operator can control and position the Mixveyor from inside the cab
  • Specialized Water Flushing System to easily clean all the hard to reach places

Hands down, the Mixveyor should be considered the top piece of equipment on the list of every Ready Mix company that needs to streamline and become more efficient. With its quick and efficient operation, added protection against wear and tear, and safety enhancements, the Front Discharge Mixveyor Conveyor by Atlas Polar makes short work of long reaches.

Technical Specifications

36 ft Front Discharge (model MVMHT3600T)
Total Length: 36 ft
Telescopic Movement: 13 ft
Conveying Height: with 30° Incline: 16 ft
Swivel Range: 220°
Delivery Capacity:78 cu. yrd/hr
Belt Width: 16 in.
Mixveyor Weight (installed): 2535 lbs

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