HIAB Crane Firsts

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Milestones to show how HIAB research contributes to giving you a better product year after year.

1947 The launch of HIAB 19, the first hydraulic vehicle-crane in series production.
1953 Atlas Polar introduces the concept of the truck crane into Canada.
1955 The first hydraulic grapples and rotators are introduced by HIAB.
1960 HIAB produces the first three-point bridge, copied by most other manufacturers today.
1960 Patent on rack and pinion slewing mechanism for pivoting the crane.
1967 Patent on the stowable knuckleboom - "Napoleon's arm" - copied by almost all manufacturers today.
1972 Atlas Polar introduces the first Canadian manufactured remote control system for HIAB cranes.
1974 HIAB begins using computer-based calculations for construction and development.
1976 Chain-hydraulic boom systems on special cranes.
1976 Patent on compact, double-acting extension cylinders. Only on HIAB’s until recently.
1985 Patent on cross-mounted controls, to give the same lever-sequence on both sides of the vehicle. Only available on HIAB into the year 2000.
1987 Patent on temperature-independent hose-failure valve. Only available on HIAB until long after the year 2000.
1988 Patented Load Operated Speed system (LOS) that also covers cable controls.
1991 Patented Electronic Link with Pump Flow Distribution (PFD).
1992 Patented Electronic Link.
1993 Automatic Damping System (ADS) for damping the oscillations when starting
and stopping a function (used today only for slewing).
  • Patented hydraulic tilt support legs
  • Patented adjustable extension cylinders mounting
  • Low profile extension cylinders
  • A method to reduce extension side play - plastic spacer
  • Automatic Damping System (ADS) for reducing the oil temperature in the hydraulic system
  • Patented solution for environmental protection of electronics in tough
    Environment (SPACE 3000 box)
  • Patented function (ADC) for automatically boosting lifting capacity in
    certain types of duty (hook).
  • Patented display for showing actual status of the crane (SPACE 3000)
  • Patented lift counter (automatic registration of the number of lifting cycles of the crane)
  • Patented solution for mounting several electronic boxes so they are protected from environmental damage but at the same time easy to access for service.
2001 Patented solution for second generation of sequence controlled extension
2007 Patent granted on our new, improved ADC function, now also automatically detecting the actualr type of accessories being used and adjusting the capacity according to how the crane in fact is utilized and the operator's actions.
As long as we have customers with high demands, the list will continue to grow. You can be sure that the HIAB you buy is the most modern product on the market.