HIAB Ensures Nothing Stops the Beast


HIAB cranes are the toughest. The strongest. Ready to charge into action whenever duty calls. So when Mercedes unleashed what they consider to be their most powerful beast to date, the UNIMOG 427, they tested it under the most extreme conditions and outfitted it to battle – with the HIAB XS 122.

Finnish winters are punishing and as Canadians we sure know what that’s like. We need equipment that’s tough enough to take it on and save the day so the rest of us can get on with doing what we need to. For the ultimate test, Mercedes outfitted their bad boy for the harsh Finnish winter with a powerful array of snow control and road-rail equipment – and a HIAB XS 122 truck-mounted crane with a crew cage. They knew that only the best would do. And they made sure they had it.

Mercedes’ video feels like an action movie. And the HIAB XS 122 is a key part of that action – automatically lifting workers to deal with light standards and electrical; lifting and placing huge railroad ties in precarious conditions.

It was the smart choice. The HIAB XS 122 is part of HIAB’s innovative modular X-series crane series that lets you choose your control system, your capacity, and your options to perfectly customize your crane to the job you want it to do. And to do it in the most safe, simple, productive, efficient, and comfortable way possible.

Mercedes knew just who to call when it came to outfitting powerful new beast to prove its performance to the world. They called HIAB.