HIAB XS 022, 033, and 044–Newest HIAB Compact Truck Cranes Now Available Through Atlas Polar

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HIAB is the world’s leading supplier of load handling equipment. The company is known for its high standards and continuous efforts to improve its products. Responding to customer needs, HIAB has developed three new truck cranes for the 2–4 tonne metre range. As exclusive Canadian distributor of HIAB cranes, Atlas Polar is pleased to introduce to you the XS 022, 033, and 044 models.

Don’t let the sleek, simple look of these cranes deceive you. They are powerful, versatile and suited to just about any kind of materials handling job. With their small size, they are a particularly good choice for confined spaces.

These models include plenty of exciting new features: sensitive parts like pressure gauges and hydraulics have been positioned for easy servicing to minimize downtime; vertical placement of levers makes more room for the load; the new V30 valve is a smaller valve suitable to lower oil flows.

The HIAB XS 022, HIAB XS 033, and HIAB XS 044 also offer a solid casted base that provides enhanced stress distribution, improved strength, and longer life. All models in this range come with your choice of control system – CLX, Duo or HiDuo. Depending on the model, you can choose between one and four boom extensions.

With so many choices, the XS 022, 033, and 044 can be tailored to the type of work you do. To learn more about these exciting new additions to the HIAB line of truck cranes, visit our HIAB crane page.